How To Find A Life Coach?

Defining life coaching loosely, a coach is someone that helps you find out where you want to be in life and creates a structured Miami Life Coachprocess in order to meet your determined goals.  Coaching is creating a thriving market as it gains popularity and credibility.  Given the fact that it is not a regulated industry, just about anyone can “claim” the life coaching title, so it is important to be wary of any wannabe’s.

With the recession we are being faced with today, life coaching is becoming even more popular.  Although money poses a concern, people are still finding someway to invest in coaching for themselves. So how do you find a life coach that is worth your cash?

One of the most powerful ways is to ask around. A majority of clients actually find a coach by someone they know and by word of mouth.  This is a great place to start because it begins with the trust factor. Also, find out where the coach did training as well as if they have a background education in psychology, organizational development or a solid foundation to help people make lasting changes.  A certified coach is highly recommended!  The certification should be from a highly reputable entity, or from a coach with credentials.

When seeking a life coach it is important to be specific. The reality is that time is money.  Therefore, be precise about why you are choosing to work with them and what you want to accomplish.  You and your coach should agree on this and develop a plan together.  Whether you are going because you have a problem or because you want a career change, make it known to your coach.  Also, keep in mind not all problems should be handled by a coach.  Any medically defined disorder such as depression or anxiety should be referred to a license practitioner. A reputable coach would recognize this and offer immediate alternatives for your needs.

Despite any potential fraudulent factors, most clients have had great experiences with coaching and have made tremendous progress in their lives.  If you utilize the above suggestions when finding a life coach, like me, life coaching will transform your life!


Do I Need A Life Coach?

Do you feel stuck?Life Coaching Miami

Do you feel lonely?

Life coaching will help you identify areas in your life that may be unfulfilling or that needs change.  The industry of coaching has been around for a long time, but more popular in the world of sports or business.  A golf professional may hire a coach to improve his swing accuracy or a company may hire a business consultant to increase productivity in their business. In both of these situations the coach or consultant is considered an expert in their field.

This is not necessarily the case with life coaching. A coach does not claim to be a professional in every area, such as finances, athletics, business, but have the ability to work with individuals in many different areas.

The job of a coach is not to advise how you should live your life, rather help you explore areas of your life that may need more attention or where you may wish to make changes, set goals and encourage you through the process.  Not always do people choose a coach because of a problem, some people are happy and on the right track, but wish to have someone to hold them accountable and provide support for them during their journey.

So, you may be asking yourself, do I need a life coach?

The answer to this question is simple, No. Nobody actually needs a life coach rather it is a choice. No matter what phase in life you are in, a life coach can be beneficial.  Usually a coach will help you to examine all of the major areas of your life whether it is career, health, or relationships and find out what may be holding you back from getting to where you want to be.  The truth is they are all intertwined, so if you are having struggles with your relationships, then this could be affecting other areas of your life.

The decision to hire a life coach is an investment in yourself and your life. When will you be ready to change your life?

What Is Life Coaching

Life coaching can also be referred to as personal coaching or just coaching. It is a relationship between the client and a trained professional where the coach helps the client achieve personal life goals. There are many types of goals such as:
  • increased self-esteem,
  • weight loss,
  • career advancement,
  • better relationships, and many, many more.
Individuals from all walks of life work with a life coach, however there is one thing they have in common: the desire to make a change in either their personal or professional life.  No matter what your goal is, a coach will help motivate you, hold you accountable, and provide support to keep you focused and taking action towards your goal.
  • Do you feel stuck?
  • Are you struggling in your relationships?
  • Do you know your life’s purpose?
You may have answered yes to all of these or even yes to one of them. These are all common reasons why people want to work with a coach.  The idea of feeling stuck whether it is in finding your purpose or in your job, a coach will work with you to help you get “unstuck.”  They are trained to use special tools, techniques, and processes to help you uncover what drives you, where you want to be, and then how to actually get there.
Using the word “coach” is not accidental.  Just as a good sports coach keeps their athletes focused, encourages them, provides feedback, and challenges them to perform at their potential, there is not differences in the fundamentals of life coaching.   An effective life coach partners with you to keep you motivated, focused on your goal, and provides you with the support you need to accomplish your goals.
Nobody actually needs a “coach” but having an accountability partner to support you will get you farther and take less time than if you were to do it by yourself.  You should now have a clear understanding of what a life coach is.  Life coaching has transformed many lives’, will you be next? Are you open to making positive lasting change in your life?

Alan Watts – Self-Improvement