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Month: August 2017

Why Aquashine BR is the best filler for me

Sometimes, a life time isn’t enough to find your soul mate but my search was over when I was 32. I used to be an introvert kid since childhood, I rarely had any friend. All the years at junior school, high school and college, I never had any friend who I can rely on. When I was 30, I switched my job; I was so stressed due to financial breakdown of my family and was being a victim of loneliness. The new job was initially very difficult to manage but then I learned the tactics to win my boss’s heart. And then one day, changed my whole life when my friend introduced Aquashine BR to me.

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Juvederm Voluma; A Sportswoman Savior

A father is daughter’s first super hero. Mine was a sportsman by profession and this used to inspire me since childhood. In school, I was a topper in every sport that I played. I never dreamed of becoming a doctor or a teacher, my plans were a bit different and difficult to understand. Even my parents initially were not happy with the idea of a girl choosing sports as a career. But then with the persistent support from my loved ones, I was able to manage sports professionally. I filled all the racks and shelve in my house with trophies but after all the efforts that I made to enter in this profession; the tough time was not finished yet.

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What to do when you are going bald?

I was a keen lover of fashion. Whatever fashion used to bring I used to follow the trends. I had very long and thick hair and I still remember my mother used to keep telling me I will damage my hair and I will lose them. I used to get a lot of colour hair dyes, rebounding, loose perming etc. Whatever came with fashion I used to adopt it. Sooner I realised my mother was so right. I started losing hair. My hair started falling and then it never stopped. I was going bald and the thought of going bald would depress me. I tried different oils and shampoos but all in vain. Now, it was something really to worry about. Then someone suggested me why not buy Dr cyj hair filler for hair treatment.