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Juvederm Voluma; A Sportswoman Savior

A father is daughter’s first super hero. Mine was a sportsman by profession and this used to inspire me since childhood. In school, I was a topper in every sport that I played. I never dreamed of becoming a doctor or a teacher, my plans were a bit different and difficult to understand. Even my parents initially were not happy with the idea of a girl choosing sports as a career. But then with the persistent support from my loved ones, I was able to manage sports professionally. I filled all the racks and shelve in my house with trophies but after all the efforts that I made to enter in this profession; the tough time was not finished yet.

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All the starting practices that included too much exposure of sunlight such as practicing into the field, working out, exercising on daily basis, running out door for hours and hours to improve my stamina which ultimately had a major effect on my skin and that did not affect my career but my personal life took hold of it. My skin started looking older than my actual age was. I did not used to feel confident among friends. People around me started giving me silly nicknames due to my flawed skin.

Thousand of stupid suggestions running down the list of which I found out one sensible message from a very old college of mine. She suggested me to use dermal fillers. Obviously I have heard of many mishaps from people in my surroundings so one thing was clear that I am not trusting it blindly. A research was mandatory. In the fact finding sheet, I came to know that dermal fillers are injections inserted into the skin. So I decided to go for Juvederm Voluma. Juvederm Voluma are injections that inject collagesn into the skin.

Collagen that is lost during the process of ageing or could be lost due to other external factors, re-energizes skin as it has collagen present which soothes the skin and removes fine lines from the skin.

While doing my research, I surprisingly saw a genuine website with the professional guide. Meso products are not only offering original products but also an expert adviser. In the beginning, I had a little fear of syringe as well, but the way they managed to organize first sitting made me felt relax for the rest of the treatment. Today I walk with poise. My self-confidence is back. I have conviction to face people as I believe in me now. Thanks to meso products for restoring the faith in myself.

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