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What to do when you are going bald?

I was a keen lover of fashion. Whatever fashion used to bring I used to follow the trends. I had very long and thick hair and I still remember my mother used to keep telling me I will damage my hair and I will lose them. I used to get a lot of colour hair dyes, rebounding, loose perming etc. Whatever came with fashion I used to adopt it. Sooner I realised my mother was so right. I started losing hair. My hair started falling and then it never stopped. I was going bald and the thought of going bald would depress me. I tried different oils and shampoos but all in vain. Now, it was something really to worry about. Then someone suggested me why not buy Dr cyj hair filler for hair treatment.

I already tried so many things that I thought it would be a bad idea to try more things on my hair because after so many experiments I started losing my hair more rapidly. I was literally going insane. Whenever I would go to bed I would cry before sleeping and pray to God to give me some solution. There was nothing at all I could do about my hair.

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After all this my mother recommended me that I should really try hair fillers. I already have lost my hair there is nothing much to lose so instead of crying and depressing myself I should give it a try. It was necessary to search on it for myself before using it. So, I started searching on it. I don’t know if I was more amazed or shocked to see that there was no negative feedback available. All of them were good reviews. I thought might be they are fake let’s go for blogs. Even I read a number of blogs but then I again to my surprise there was no such thing as a negative feedback.

I decided that I am no more wasting my time and ordering it online. I ordered it from a reputable online store Hyaldirect and when it I received it, without wasting time I got injected this gel into my scalp. I could not believe my eyes the result I started seeing after a couple of days. There were more hair and less hair fall. Thanks to Dr CYJ.

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